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If you are here, you are probably part of the highly interactive, 2K community of @Greek.and.Green on Instagram.

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About the creator

Aristea is an enthusiastic and highly skilled Greek teacher who never ceases to explore pathways to teaching and learning.

She gained her Bachelors with distinction in Education, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Then, she moved to Sweden in order to undertake an extremely interesting MSc in Outdoor Environmental Education and Outdoor Life, at Linköping University.

Her passion for educational research led her to a second MRes in Social Research, this time in Scotland, at the historic University of Aberdeen.

Having had the great honour to be awarded a scholarship by Onassis Foundation, she pursued her PhD studies in Education, at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aristea has worked so far with hundreds of students of all ages, teachers, headteachers, and schools, internationally, in the context of many academic projects.

Her goal is to develop the @Greek.and.Green project to an extent that one could have access to learning Greek online, starting from an absolute beginner to reaching a high academic level of speaking, writing, listening and understanding Greek.


"Aristea is the most inspirational teacher, borne out by this creative website.

I have learned a lot, just need to keep using it! "

Gill ~ Scotland

"Aristea was my Greek teacher for two years and was massively inspirational and imaginative. Not only was she completing her PhD but she also started an online language instruction company, generated a superb new course, and was the lead instructor on a course run by the University of Aberdeen.


Aristea has a genuine entrepreneureal flair and will consistently add value to any enterprise with which she is associated. Go Aristea, Go !


(and I still study Greek, in significant part as a result of her lasting inspiration) "

Christian ~ Scotland

"A name that brings back the very smell of ένα μέτριο!

An intriguing and ambitious scheme to help in learning Greek.


The theme of coffee and informality are the flavouring to bring all levels of ability together. Encouragement to learn is open and welcoming and the opportunity to know more about Greece from others very tempting.


It is a good experience for writing in Greek and be guided and helped by Greek Briki, which really is the other members.


I would hope to see the potential in Greek Briki go further."


Alisdair ~Scotland

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